第七十期— 反腐倡廉(To combat corruption and build a clean government)



反腐倡廉(to combat corruption and build a clean government),即反对腐败,倡导廉政。2012124日,十八届中央政治局(Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee)审议通过《关于改进工作作风、密切联系群众的八项规定》,此后,从部署党的群众路线教育实践活动,聚焦“四风”问题,到开展“三严三实”专题教育,再到启动“两学一做”学习教育(studies on the theoretical and practical issues of party building),让全体党员经常性地学习党章党规党纪……党中央把贯彻落实八项规定精神作为“抓手”,一以贯之,步步深入。

当前,一部反腐倡廉电视剧《人民的名义》(In the Name of People)正在热播。该剧讲述了当代检察官维护公平正义和法制统一、查办贪腐案件的故事。


十八大(18th CPC National Congress)以来,中央反腐力度之大,行动态度之果决,前所未有,引发国内国际舆论的强烈关注。为充分展现中央反腐工作的坚定决心,贯彻习近平总书记坚持以零容忍态度惩治腐败zero tolerance to corruption / no tolerance to corruption)的反腐精神,《人民的名义》应运而生。该剧响应党中央反腐主题,刻画和展示中央反腐过程中的曲折经历和感人故事,为实现中国梦凝聚精神动力。


Anticorruption is a political task that has something to do with the grave crisis of the nation, which must be attached high attention.


In the Name of People is just the first of five anti-graft dramas the Procuratorate's broadcast department has been producing. The center received instructions in 2015 from the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, to produce more corruption-themed films and dramas.


When you took bribes, why didnt you think of your identity as the son of farmers? How unlucky Chinese farmers are to have a bad son like you!


It has become a pattern for corrupt officials to send their family members overseas.



坚决惩治腐败 to punish and effectively prevent corruption

强化反腐斗争 intensify anti-graft fight

腐败官员 corrupt officials

惩治与预防相结合 combining punishment and prevention

长期、复杂而艰巨的斗争 a protracted complicated and arduous battle

标本兼治 address both the symptoms and root cause

高官 high-ranking official

贪官 corrupt official

行贿受贿 bribery

向某人行贿,可以用bribe的动词形式, bribe sb to do sth;或名词形式 offer/pay/give bribes to sbBribe是可数名词,a bribe指一笔贿赂,bribes是多笔贿赂。

He was jailed on charges of bribery.


受贿可以用 take/accept/receive bribes,或被动形式 be bribed来表示。

The judge was too honest to be bribed.


廉洁 clean

Xi Jinping demands military officials stay clean to set an example for the soldiers.


The fight against corruption is still very difficult and the campaign of building a clean-fingered Party and government should be firmly pushed forward.


潜逃 abscond

Ding Yizhen absconded overseas after his crime was brought to light.


此外,fleeescaperun away都可以表示逃跑。

红色通缉令 Interpol red notice

红色通缉令,即红色通报,相当于国际逮捕令(international arrest warrant),由经办国国际刑警中心局和国际刑警组织共同签发,是对所通缉的人员实施拘捕并进行引渡(extradition)的通报。红色通缉令的英文是 Interpol red notice,简称red noticeInterpolthe International Criminal Police Organization,国际刑警组织。

阿谀奉承 sycophancy

The provincial Party secretary, however, was growing weary of his sycophancy.


We should have a zero-tolerance policy on sycophancy within the Communist Party of China.



flattery 奉承

He is proof against flattery.


toady (up) to sb 拍马屁

Carl is always toadying up to his boss.


双规 subject to questioning at an appointed time and place

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