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Director for International Development of Carnegie Mellon University visited BJTU

Date2017-06-28 Source:[ 8746 ]

On the morning of June 23, President Ning Bin met with Ms. Mimi Fairman, Director for International Development of Carnegie Mellon University.

Ning Bin introduced the history and disciplines of the university. He said that BJTU has a special relation with CMU because the first doctorate of CMU was awarded to Prof. Mao Yisheng, the former President of BJTU. He hoped that the two universities could strengthen mutual understanding and conduct joint talents education and research in the fields of computer science, communication engineering and other advantageous disciplines.

Mimi Fairman gave a brief introduction to CMU. She said that the two universities share similarities in the disciplinary background of computer and engineering. She hoped that both universities could further strengthen connection and establish partnership, and achieve substantial outcomes in terms of talents cultivation, joint research and teachers’ mutual visits.

After the meeting, the delegation from CMU visited the National Engineering Research Center of Rail Transportation Operation and Control System with the company of Vice President Yu Zujun.

Background information: CMU is a world renowned research university. According to US News 2017 world universities ranking, CMU ranked 24th in the United States and 67th worldwide. CMU has the best School of Computer Science and College of Fine Arts in the United States. School of Business, College of Engineering and College of Humanities & Social Sciences also enjoy high reputation in the United States. The discipline of Computer Science and Information Technology rank the top in the world.